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Twelve years ago a friend took me to a hot yoga class in Brighton and although it was a grueling 90 minute session I was astonished by how quickly I became fit and afterwards the benefits of feeling fabulous were amazing and so worth the effort.  This was the beginning of my holistic practice and sparked my interest in natural ways to improve health and well-being.   

I learned to massage just over eight years ago at the London College of Massage where I was taught clinical massage by a nurse.  I am a level 3 practitioner in deep tissue Swedish therapeutic massage and last year I topped up my skills at the (NLSSM) School of Sports Massage.

I am a Neal's Yard practitioner and completed a course to use their essential organic oils skincare range to give a luxurious holistic facial treatment, this not only balances your skin but is a wonderful aroma therapy well-being treat and a perfect way to aid recovery, soothing and refreshing when a body massage may be a little too much. 

I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) which means I must have ongoing training to do what I do. 

I am a holistic practitioner in a health club at weekends and I am also part of a team of practitioners offering treatments out and about in the community. I have gained valuable experience working with people who suffer from all kinds of health issues and I feel very passionate about what I do as I see the benefits on a daily basis.  You are unique and I tailor treatments to suit your needs starting with a good consultation to make sure I plan the most effective treatment for you.  I have also just started working with people recovering from operations and illness and would like to get the opportunity to help more with this.

For ten years I worked at NHS Westminster, in departments commissioning health services for London and then spent my last 3 years with a group of people working on prevention projects for Healthy London Partnership, this has very much been a steer for where I am today.  During my final years in the NHS it was my desire to switch from being in an office to working directly with people supporting their health and well-being, it's taken a little time to make it happen but I can say without a doubt I find it a much more fulfilling place to be.   

Massage Styles - massage therapist in Littlehampton

Kay offers many different massage styles and is able to adapt her technique, style and approach to all patients. Kay has spent the last few years learning, improving and perfecting her art form, helping patients with many different symptoms. The techniques that Kay favours includes;


Holistic Facial - Massage Therapist in Littlehampton

The holistic facial is a wellbeing treatment using natural organic essential oils from the Neal's Yard skincare range which helps balance and nourish the skin. Using the hot and cold method to refresh and revitalise the skin this treatment also includes a gentle, soothing face, head, hands, arms and shoulder massage. This treatment can be combined with a back, neck & shoulder massage. A firm massage together with a soothing, refreshing facial treatment to help alleviate stress, anxiety, pain and tension. 


Swedish Therapeutic Massage- Massage Therapist in Littlehampton

The 60 or 90 minute Swedish therapeutic massage is a full body massage routine, where at the beginning we will discuss your needs and reasons for your massage so we can tailor the treatment to your individual requirements. More often than not we will focus on back, neck and shoulders, however we will often branch out into legs, arms and areas of the head and face. 

Neals Yard Oils- Massage Therapist in Littlehampton

All the products used are natural holistic remedies to aid your relaxation and skin health. These products are crucial for anyone struggling with illness, recovering from surgery or with allergies as these products are safe and gentle. We can also patch test if required to ensure there are no reactions for you and your skin.

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