Kim qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner in 1992 and has been in full time practice ever since. He specialises in working with conditions (both physical and non-physical) that affect posture, musculoskeletal function and self image. Kim also practices Qigong, a form of chinese exercise that combines movement, breath and imagery – which is frequently offered as ‘homework’ to Kim’s clients.

A Shiatsu session begins with a guided tour around the body, drawing awareness to how differing areas feel, move and relate to the whole. Treatments combine the use of pressure points with muscle and joint stretches – the work is deep yet gentle and specifically focussed on individual needs.

Outside the treatment room, Kim likes to find space….anywhere!  Finding this usually takes the form of walking and cycling.

Kims qualifications: Shiatsu Society registered practitioner & teacher MRSS(T); Registered Practitioner of Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu helps us discover where our body begins and ends, feels safe to move, where it resists and most importantly where it would like to change. Shiatsu helps create space; in our body, between tissues, between the articulating surfaces of joints, in our body cavities. It helps create space in our life, allowing time to notice those magical moments of stillness.

Kim Lovelace - Shaitsu Littlehampton

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