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Lots of people assume that 'Sports Therapy' implies the need to be an athlete, but this is not true. While a sports therapist can be found on the sports field providing pitch side first aid and basic life support if needed, they can also be found in a clinic providing care for every patient regardless of athletic ability.

What gives Sports Therapy its name is the use of functional movement and exercises tailored to a patient's needs, working in a relevant sport if needed to optimise performance, preparation and injury prevention. If a patient is a rugby player, the rehab process will include specific movements and exercises catering to the demands of rugby, just as a keen cycler will have specific cycling exercises. The rehab process is tailored to your needs.

What is Sports Therapy? 

Sports Therapy is a style of manual therapy which aims to rehabilitate injured and dysfunctional joints. Its methods encourage optimum mobility and stability of joints, keeping soft tissue loose but supportive and educating at every step. Sports Therapy includes a broad rage of techniques, each with their own role in helping aid your recovery and improving your comfort. 
Sports Therapy in Littlehampton, West Sussex. 

It is defined as 'an aspect of health care focussing on the prevention of injury and rehabilitation of the patient back to optimal levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness regardless of age and ability' by the Society of Sports Therapists. Simply put, the practice focuses on reducing the risk of injury, treating injury, and getting a patient back to top level fitness and function.

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Sports Therapy Techniques

Manual Therapy
Manual therapy is a wide scope practice which includes joint mobilisation and stretching, to help treat soft tissues and joint structures, increasing range of motion, reducing pain, reducing soft tissue inflammation, relaxing the joint structures, encouraging soft tissue repair and improving overall function. 

Soft Tissue Therapy
This includes various massage and stretching techniques designed to ease joint tension, encourage normal movement, improve blood flow, help lymph drainage and allow the body to return to normal function. 

Taping a technique whereby a specialist tape is applied directly to the skin, helping to encourage and maintain a stable position of bones and muscles during joint and soft tissue recovery. 

Exercise Rehabilitation
Jon has expertise prescribing rehabilitative stretches and exercises designed to help support your body back to optimal function.  


Your Sports Therapist will use gentle and effective techniques to help encourage your body’s own healing mechanisms.

Your First Sports Therapy Appointment

At your first Sports Therapy appointment at Littlehampton Natural Health Centre, we like to spend some time getting to know you, discussing your reasons for visiting the clinic and what you are hoping to achieve. We will complete a physical examination, assess the movement of your body and perform specific tests to help determine the cause of your symptoms. 
Once we are happy we have a good understanding of the cause of your issues, we will explain our findings, recommended care plan and assuming we are both happy, we can then follow through with the first stage of your treatment. Throughout treatment we will also recommend various stretches and exercises to help aid your recovery.

What's Next?

Our main aim at the Littlehampton Natural Health Centre is to improve your quality of life. Whether this is through reducing your pain, increasing flexibility, improving posture, maintaining a healthy body or increasing your performance. We help people manage life in a more positive manner.
Before we can offer any treatment or advice we need to find out some details about you. Your Sports Therapist will run through a detailed personal history including details on your symptoms, any medications, operations or past treatments you have had. We will then perform a physical examination to get a good overview of how your body is functioning. This physical will include assessing your joint range of motion, muscle strength, gait, amongst more specific orthopaedic tests. 
At the end of the examination, we will explain any findings and our treatment plan. If you are still happy to proceed we will then proceed with treatment.


Sports Therapy is available at Littlehampton Natural Health Centre on Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays. 

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Sports Therapy in Littlehampton - Jon Gath

On qualified with a BSc in Sports Therapy from the University of Chichester. By the time Jon left university he had already gained experience working in both the sporting and clinical environments. Having gained experience in the sporting environment at Ospreys Rugby in Swansea and Basingstoke rugby Club, Jon was hired as lead therapist for Gosport Borough Football Club supporting their players.


To learn more about Jon please click here. Physiotherapy in Littlehampton.

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