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I am originally from Brazil with Portuguese parent; I have spent the second half of my life in Europe. Mother of 2 boys seeking ways to help others to feel good physically, emotionally and spiritually through holistic therapies.
I’m fascinated by ancient therapeutic traditions and always trying to learn and incorporate it more into my work. In her spare time she enjoys Yoga.

Luana has extensive experience in Holistic therapies by undertaking traditional education paths on top of the knowledge she has gained through her travels around the World. Holding qualifications in Holistic Therapy Massage, Ayurveda Yoga Massage, Cupping, Lymphatic Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and much more.

Luana has developed abilities as an energy healing facilitator to help align her clients energetically to balance their mind, body and soul, this allows her to understand her clients needs in order to create a bespoke treatment for each individual by fusing a number of techniques to maximise the results for her clients.

Massage Styles

Massage therapist in Littlehampton
Luana offers many different massage styles and is able to adapt her technique, style and approach to all patients. Luana has spent the last few years learning, improving and perfecting her art form, helping patients with many different symptoms. The techniques that Luana favours includes; 

Lymphatic Drainage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a very gentle form of advanced massage therapy, aimed at moving the lymph under the skin using specialised, gentle, rhythmic techniques, it aids the formation and transport of lymph around the body. 

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone therapy is a specialist massage that uses smooth, flat, heated basalt stones that are positioned along your spine, in the palms of your hands, along your legs and between the toes.

Bamboo Massage
The bamboo sticks can be used in various techniques and modalities, giving the therapist a lot of versatility and ability to focus on specific client needs. Many compare bamboo massage to deep tissue massage, but the bamboo can also be used to replicate the strokes used in Swedish Massage.
Depending on client needs, bamboo can also be combined with Thai, Lymphatic Drainage and Ayurvedic techniques. Some masseurs combine it with elements of Shiatsu to stimulate acupuncture pressure points. Even specialists in traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sometimes combine bamboo massage with bamboo cupping jars.

Reflexology is a blissfully relaxing therapy that treats the feet and hands in order to balance the whole body. This treatment works on the principle that each of our body systems is mapped out on to our feet.

Cupping is used as a direct clinical application. The therapist notes an area of restriction and applies the suction directly onto it to affect change. This is different to traditional Eastern methods which rely on affecting change in the line of meridians or “Qi” throughout the body. Cupping invigorates local circulation of qi and blood in the area being treated, resolving swelling, pain, and tension. By drawing impurities to the surface, it removes toxins. From a Western physiology perspective, cupping loosens connective tissue or fascia and stimulates blood flow to the surface.

Pregnancy Massage
Prenatal massage helps to relieve the physical tension on the body and is also extremely beneficial to the mental and emotional health. The goal of prenatal massage is to help mummies minimize stress, stimulate relaxation, and prep the muscles for childbirth.

Reiki is an ancient yet simple healing technique. It has been found to produce profound results all through gentle touch, positive mindsets, and energy transfer.
Whether you want to receive Reiki for emotional trauma healing, energy level balancing, or to develop yourself spiritually. Promote harmony & balance, relaxes and releases tension from the body, breaks down energy blocks and balances the mind, body, and spirit, cleanses body of toxins and supports immune System, clears the mind and improves focus, helps you sleep better, helps spiritual growth and emotional cleansing, accelerates the body’s self-healing ability.

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Before we carry out any massage it is necessary to gather some information to help get a rounded picture of your current state of health, the reason for your visit and any problem areas you’d like to address - as well as previous medical history and any other factors that may have an impact on your treatment. With this information your massage therapist can tailor the massage to your specific needs, helping you get the most from your time here.

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