Natural Healthcare

We are a diverse team at the Littlehampton Natural Health Centre, offering a fresh approach to health and well-being through a wide variety of therapies. We understand that one approach isn’t always what's needed and often a multi-disciplinary treatment plan can be more effective at achieving your long-term health aspirations. We aim to help people in the local community manage their pain, increase their mobility and return them to optimal health. We tailor our care to each patient and work alongside other each other and external healthcare providers to give you the best care available.

In addition to our Chiropractic and Massage services, we offer a range of complementary therapies to enable us to offer a comprehensive care service. As the body and mind function together, an issue or imbalance in one area can – left untreated – create further imbalances or outward symptoms. Instead of attending only to localised symptoms, we look to treat every individual holistically, that is as a whole. When approached in this manner, dramatic changes can be realised, creating profound effects on one's life.

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