Chiropractic in Littlehampton

Chiropractic aims to encourage alignment and mobility of the spine through specific and gentle adjustments. Chiropractic is a perfect blend of human science, healthcare philosophy and the art of adjusting, with the focus on helping the body to function at its optimum state in a natural way. Chiropractic is focused on achieving spinal alignment through specific and targeted adjustments to improve the biomechanical health of your spine, helping to keep you at your best.
Every day thousands of people visit Chiropractors as a way to stay healthy, increase flexibility and improve posture for a better life and sports performance.

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What is Chiropractic? 

Chiropractic is a method of spinal adjustments which aim to encourage alignment of the spine. Chiropractic is a harmony of science and philosophy with the aim of helping the body to function at its optimum. Chiropractic is focused on achieving spinal alignment through specific and targeted adjustments to improve the biomechanical health of your spine.Chiropractic in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

What is the cause of your symptoms?

Your nervous system controls and regulates every movement and every process in your body. Misalignments in your spine can cause interferences with your nervous system, leading to negative effects on your health, performance and in some cases causing symptoms including pain, numbness, pins & needles and tingling.Chiropractic in Littlehampton, near Rustington West Sussex.
Unlike painkillers which can mask your symptoms, Chiropractors looks to diagnose the main underlying cause and treat these accordingly. To find the cause we take a full history, perform a physical which can include a neurological, cardiovascular, abdominal and respiratory screening, range of motion testing and gait evaluation. There might be times when we may need to refer you back to your GP for further tests, or to a private clinic for x-rays.Chiropractic in Littlehampton, near Bognor Regis West Sussex.
Your Chiropractor will use effective adjustments to correct any misalignments and encourage your body’s own healing mechanisms.
If you would like to learn more about conditions which people may visit Chiropractors for, please click here.

Your First Appointment

At your first Chiropractic appointment at Littlehampton Natural Health Centre, we like to spend some time getting to know you, your reasons for visiting the clinic and what you are hoping to achieve.Click here to find out more about what to expect at your first Chiropractic appointment.

What's Next?

Our main aim at the Littlehampton Natural Health Centre is to improve your quality of life. Whether this is through reducing your pain, increasing flexibility, improving posture, maintaining a healthy body or increasing your performance. We help people manage life in a more positive manner.
Before we can perform any adjustments we need to find out some details about you. Your Chiropractor will run through a detailed personal history including details of your symptoms, any medications, operations or past treatments you have had. We will then perform a physical examination to get a good overview of how your body is functioning. This physical will include assessing your joint range of motion, muscle strength, gait, skin sensations and neurological function. We will also perform some specific orthopaedic tests. If necessary we will also run through a cardiovascular, respiratory and abdominal screening.
At the end of the examination, we will explain our initial findings and perform a relief adjustment. After your first appointment your Chiropractor will study your case and determine the best course of action for you.
Your next appointment will be a report of findings where your Chiropractor will explain their findings in detail, what they mean, adjust fully and discuss the recommended treatment plan.

Free Spine Check

If you’re unsure whether Chiropractic treatment is the right option for you, then please come in for this free consultation where we can discuss the reason for your visit, do a quick spine check and explain how we may be able to help. Following our examination, it may be recommended to refer you for x-ray imaging to help us determine the underlying causes of your symptoms and ensure it is both safe and appropriate to continue with care. Should this be required x-ray procedures are charged at £80 per region, and is carried out at our Sister Clinic in Chichester.


Chiropractic is available at Littlehampton Natural Health Centre on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

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Chiropractor in Littlehampton - Danielle Webster

Danielle Webster graduated from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic and prior to coming to Littlehampton had been working in South Buckinghamshire.

Danielle‘s Chiropractic journey started while working as a Chiropractic Assistant in a busy clinic in Cheshire, this is where her love for Chiropractic began, seeing how patients lives were transformed. This experience was her catalyst for training to become a Chiropractor.

Danielle uses a combination of techniques including MST (Motion Specific Technique) and Diversified. She also has a passion for paediatric and family Chiropractic care.

In Danielle's spare time, she enjoys walking with her dog, bike riding and enjoys exploring all that the south coast has to offer.

To Find out more about Danielle click here. 

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